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IV Gown, 48x65 inch, 1 Pocket, Indigo Blue with Leaf Print, Large, 48 pcs/pk

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55% Cotton/45% Polyester | 1 Telemetry Pocket | Tieside Closure

Whether you're a medical practitioner seeking a reliable and stylish gown for patient care, a healthcare facility manager aiming to enhance the patient experience or a medical institution committed to maintaining a high standard of appearance and hygiene, our Indigo Blue Iv Gown with Leaf Print in Large is the ideal choice. Elevate your medical attire and create a positive and welcoming environment for both patients and medical staff with this functional and fashionable Iv Gown.

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55% Cotton/45% Polyester / Indigo Blue with Leaf Print / 48x65 inch
55% Cotton/45% Polyester Contact for detail Indigo Blue with Leaf Print 48x65 inch $13.98 $671.04 48 $671.04