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Mammography Cape 23.75 x 66.5 Angle Front, Waist Tie, Floral Print, Blue

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55% Cotton/ 45% Polyester CVCOur Mammography Cape is an essential garment for the healthcare industry, particularly in radiology clinics, imaging centers, and hospitals.With its open front design and tie closure, our Mammography Cape is the ideal garment for ensuring patient comfort and convenience during mammography procedures. The cape provides coverage while allowing healthcare professionals to perform the necessary tasks with ease. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for healthcare providers. Choose our Mammography Cape for its superior design, comfort, and practicality, and enhance the experience for both healthcare professionals and patients during mammography procedures.
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55% Cotton/ 45% Polyester / Floral Print Blue / 23.75 x 66.5 inch
55% Cotton/ 45% Polyester 0.484 lbs/pc Floral Print Blue 23.75 x 66.5 inch $7.36128 $353.34 48 $353.34