Hotel Towel Buying Guide | ADI Hospitality Solutions

Hotel Towel Buying Guide | ADI Hospitality Solutions

Embracing the essence of hospitality means ensuring your guests feel enveloped in comfort, whether they're embarking on a brief overnight stay or indulging in a week-long retreat. Within the realm of hospitality, be it a chic boutique hotel or a cozy Airbnb/VRBO, the choice of towels becomes a pivotal element in crafting an unforgettable guest experience. From the texture and weight to the fabric's quality, each detail contributes to the overall ambiance of luxury and relaxation. Join us as we delve into the strategy of selecting the perfect towels for your establishment, offering insights into key features and practical price points tailored to meet your customer's needs.


Towel Sizes

Bath towels vary in size, each tailored to specific guest needs. Whether restocking your Airbnb/VRBO/short-term rental or managing your hotel's inventory, having a range of towel sizes is essential for guest comfort. Here's a detailed guide to different towel sizes and their recommended uses.



Distinct from conventional towels, washcloths are compact linens designed for wetting and cleansing the skin. Their compact size ensures ease of use, while their quick-drying nature enables convenient hanging on the side of a tub or shower handrail. 


Hand Towels

Hand towels vary from basic and practical to entirely ornamental, yet they share several common features. These towels are spacious enough to efficiently dry your hands or face, yet compact enough to be conveniently hung beside the sink for quick drying.


Bath Towels

Among the array of towel choices, bath towels stand out as the most prevalent option. Renowned for their versatility, these towels boast ample dimensions, making them perfect for wrapping around oneself post-bathing.



Bath Sheets

Bath sheets, akin to their traditional counterparts, are oversized towels suitable for various purposes, adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom experience. Notably, they demand more drying time and storage space compared to other towel types, factors worth considering in your purchase decision.


Bath Mats

Bath mats serve as protective layers placed on bathroom floors, positioned strategically in front of tubs or showers to minimize slipping hazards on wet floors. Slightly smaller and thinner than bath towels, they excel in absorbing excess moisture, with some featuring additional non-skid properties for enhanced safety.


Pool Towels

Pool towels are a staple among towel varieties, prized for their durability and absorbency. Designed to withstand frequent use in poolside settings, these towels offer ample size and quick-drying capabilities, making them perfect for lounging and drying off after a swim.


Towel Size Guide


Towel Weights

When it comes to purchasing towels, one crucial factor to keep in mind is their weight. Measured in pounds per dozen, it's vital to compare similar products for an accurate assessment. Towels with weights ranging between 15 to 20 lb. per dozen offer a plush and substantial feel, contrasting with thinner options weighing only 5 to 10 lb. per dozen. Typically, the heavier the towel, the better its absorbency and luxurious sensation.



Towel Borders

Towels are equipped with different border styles, offering either a cam border or a dobby border. A cam border presents a flat weave texture, typically positioned at the towel's top and bottom edges. In contrast, a dobby border showcases decorative weaves, featuring various designs like checkers, stripes, and other intricate patterns. For an added touch of sophistication, the piano dobby border introduces stripes resembling piano keys along the towel's edge.

Both cam and dobby borders are commonly woven approximately an inch or two from the towel's edge. However, dobby borders are often regarded as more upscale and luxurious compared to cam borders. This distinction is particularly noteworthy for upscale venues aiming to elevate the guest experience.




Towel Types

When considering the array of amenities your establishment offers, it becomes evident that various areas beyond guest rooms necessitate diverse towel assortments. From the presence of pools in most hospitality settings to the luxury of spa services or gyms in upscale resorts, each amenity demands specific towel types that extend beyond traditional bath towels.



Washcloths are small linens specifically crafted for wetting and cleansing the skin, differing from traditional towels. Their compact size ensures easy handling, while their quick-drying feature allows for convenient placement on the side of a tub or shower handrail.


Hand Towels

Hand towels encompass a spectrum ranging from functional to decorative, yet they possess several shared attributes. These linens are sufficiently large to effectively dry hands or face, while remaining compact for convenient hanging beside the sink, ensuring swift drying.


Regular Bath Towels

Bath towels are a predominant selection among various towel options, distinguished for their versatility. These towels feature generous dimensions, ideal for enveloping oneself after bathing.


Spa Towels 

Spa towels are towels specifically designed for use in spa environments. They are often crafted from soft and absorbent materials to enhance the spa experience for guests. Spa towels may vary in size and thickness depending on the specific needs of the spa, but they are generally intended to provide comfort and relaxation to patrons during treatments or while using spa facilities.


Gym Towels

Gym towels are towels specifically intended for use in fitness centers, athletic clubs or gyms. They are designed to be absorbent, durable, and convenient for wiping sweat during workouts or drying off after a shower. Gym towels are typically smaller than bath towels, making them easy to carry around and store in gym bags.


Pool Towels

Pool towels are towels designed for use around swimming pools or water-related activities. They are typically made from highly absorbent materials to quickly dry off after swimming. Pool towels are often larger than standard bath towels to provide ample coverage and comfort for lounging by the poolside.


Salon Towels

Salon towels are towels specifically tailored for use in hair salons or beauty establishments. They are crafted from absorbent materials to aid in hair drying or styling procedures. Salon towels are typically designed to be durable and easy to wash, ensuring hygiene and convenience in salon settings.


Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are towels made from synthetic fibers that are extremely fine, typically less than one denier in diameter. These towels are known for their exceptional absorbency, as the tiny fibers are capable of trapping moisture and dirt effectively. Microfiber towels are also highly durable and quick-drying, making them suitable for various cleaning tasks, including drying surfaces, polishing, and dusting.



Towel Materials

When it comes to towel materials, you have several options, but the most common one is 100% cotton. You might also come across Egyptian cotton or towels made from a mix of cotton and polyester, each material has its own perks.

To begin with, 100% cotton is a popular choice because it's soft, absorbent, and durable. The long fibers in cotton make towels feel really plush and luxurious. Plus, they hold up well to repeated washings, so they last a long time. This characteristic makes them a preferred choice for daily use. 

On the other hand, towels made from a mix of cotton and polyester are soft too, but they dry faster. That's because polyester helps them hold less water. So, if you want towels that dry quickly and still feel nice and cozy, this blend is a good choice.

Understanding these differences can help you pick the perfect towels that match what you're looking for in terms of comfort and practicality. 



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