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Bar Mop, 16x19 inch, White with Green Center Stripe

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100% Cotton | Low Pile | 32.00 oz/dzCrafted from top-quality materials, this bar mop towel offers exceptional absorbency and durability, making it an ideal choice for industries requiring impeccable cleanliness. With its versatile size and design, it's particularly suited for businesses in the hospitality, food service, and janitorial sectors. Elevate your cleaning standards with the Premium Maxi Bar Mop Towel, a superior option for industries that prioritize efficient and effective cleaning solutions with a splash of color.
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100% Cotton / White with Green Center Stripe / 17x20 inch
100% Cotton 32.00 oz/dz White with Green Center Stripe 17x20 inch $.74 $888.00 1200 $888.00