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Scrubber Pad, Adi Durafiber, 18 inch, Blue With Blue Piped Ends, 200 pcs/pk

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80% Polyester/20% DuPont Nylon 6 | 3.50 oz/dz | Medium Bristles

This scrubber pad is a perfect fit for industries such as hospitality, janitorial services, and facility maintenance. Its Adi Durafiber composition ensures durability and effective scrubbing, making it an ideal choice for removing stubborn dirt, grime, and stains from various surfaces. Whether you're dealing with kitchen spills or bathroom buildup, this scrubber pad is a reliable companion for maintaining cleanliness in a wide range of settings.

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80% Polyester/20% DuPont Nylon 6 / Blue / Contact for Details
80% Polyester/20% DuPont Nylon 6 3.50 oz/dz Blue Contact for Details $5.3 $1,060.00 200 $1,060.00