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Scrubber Pad, Adi Durafiber, 24 inch, Blue With Medium Bristles, 100 pcs/pk

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80% Polyester/20% DuPont Nylon 6 | 4.40 oz | Piped

Perfect for commercial kitchens, food service establishments, and janitorial services, this scrubber pad effectively tackles tough stains and grime on various surfaces. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting use, while the medium bristles offer optimal scrubbing power without causing damage. Whether you're cleaning floors, counters, or other surfaces, the Adi Durafiber Scrubber Pad is a reliable choice for industries that require thorough and efficient cleaning.

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80% Polyester/20% DuPont Nylon 6 / Blue / Contact for Details
80% Polyester/20% DuPont Nylon 6 4.40 oz/sq yd Blue Contact for Details $6.3 $630.00 100 $630.00