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Adi Durafiber High Duster Set, 3 Piece (Handle, Wand, Sleeve), Orange, 24 pcs/pk

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ADI Durafiber | 0.70 oz

Elevate your cleaning efficiency with the Adi Durafiber High Duster Set in striking orange. This 3-piece set includes a sturdy handle, extendable wand, and a high-quality orange sleeve. Perfect for reaching and dusting high, out-of-reach areas, this set is a valuable addition to your cleaning toolkit. Whether you're in the janitorial business, facility management, or hospitality industry, this orange duster set ensures you can maintain a pristine environment with ease and style.

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ADI Durafiber / Orange / Contact for Details
ADI Durafiber 0.70 oz Orange Contact for Details $10.3 $247.20 24 $247.20