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Adi Durfiber, String Dust Pad 18 inch, Velcro Style, Orange, 80 pcs/pk

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80% Polyester/20% DuPont Nylon 6 | 5.40 oz

This specialized cleaning tool is ideal for industries such as janitorial services, facility maintenance, and hospitality. Its durable construction and Velcro-style fastening make it efficient in capturing dust and debris from various surfaces. Whether you're tackling floors, walls, or other hard-to-reach areas, this Adi Durafiber String Dust Pad is a versatile solution that helps maintain cleanliness and tidiness with ease.

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80% Polyester/20% DuPont Nylon 6 / Green / 18 inch
80% Polyester/20% DuPont Nylon 6 5.4 oz Green 18 inch $7.76 $620.80 80 $620.80