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Base Line™ Paper Towel, Hardwound Roll, 7.9" x 800ft

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800 Feet Introducing Base Line Paper Towels, your reliable solution for effective and hygienic hand drying. These hardwound rolls are designed for convenience and come in a generous length of 800 feet per roll. With their high capacity, they are ideal for high-traffic areas, reducing the need for frequent refills. The 7.9-inch width ensures ample coverage for thorough hand drying. Choose Base Line Paper Towels for a cost-effective and efficient hand-drying solution in various settings, from restrooms to commercial spaces.
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Per Pack
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Hardwound Towels / White / One Size Fits All
Hardwound Towels 21.75 lbs/pc White One Size Fits All $62.96 $62.96 1 $62.96
Hardwound Towels / Natural / One Size Fits All
Hardwound Towels 21.75 lbs/pc Natural One Size Fits All $53 $53.00 1 $53.00