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Paper Towel Dispenser, Multi-Fold/C-Fold, Smoked Plastic Cover (No Logo), 6 pcs/pk

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Plastic | Harbor Paper Towel Dispenser | Black Base

Introducing our Multi-Fold/C-Fold Paper Towel Dispenser, designed with a sleek smoked plastic cover and no logo for a clean and versatile look. This dispenser is a practical addition to a wide range of settings, from busy offices to public restrooms. Its efficient design allows for easy access to paper towels while maintaining a neat and uncluttered appearance. Choose functionality and style without compromise with this dispenser, perfect for industries that prioritize cleanliness and user convenience.

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Plastic / Black Base And Smoked Cover / Contact for Details
Plastic Contact for detail Black Base And Smoked Cover Contact for Details $64.8 $388.80 6 $388.80